Feb 9 / Andrew Stead

Why Your Goals And Resolutions Almost Always Fail - And What To Do About It?

We all know the scientific benefits of setting objectives. And most of us have come a long way in using goal setting in our personal or professional lives to significantly improve our productivity and performance. Yet how often do I hear from my clients that their goal has failed or their New Year’s Resolution isn’t going to plan

The reason why our goals and resolutions almost always fail isn't because we lack commitment or motivation.

Quite the opposite! We’re often super motivated and committed -  trying hard to get healthy, lose weight, get a raise or find a partner. But it just seems so tough to make it happen. Our ambitions aren’t flowing as they should. It just feels like it’s an up-hill struggle, as we stumble blindly through the bewildering undergrowth.

In fact, our ambitions fail most of the time because we set up wrong goals.


Goals which are often not connected with our real requirements. Goals which are dislocated from our true necessities and deep desires. Goals that might specifically ignore our fundamental needs that are hidden away in our subconscious and unconscious mind.

Conscious vs. Unconscious

 Remember, our conscious mind accounts for over 90% of the what goes on in there, so if we want to be successful over the long term - to have good physical health, sound emotional and mental stability, maximise our compensation and promotions at work and enjoy beautiful, nourishing relationships - we need to understand our deeper needs; we need to find that deeper connection; we need to unlock our unconscious and sub-conscious brains and get them both working super effectively on our side. And in doing so, truly harness the full potential and extraordinary power of one of the genuine miracles of our existence - our brain!
Let’s be clear, most, if not all, of these deeper needs are not requirements that our conscious brain wants to acknowledge, admit to or share with the outside world. Theseare often our most embedded mysteries, that we have not even admitted to ourselves. Perhaps unacknowledged personal needs, long standing emotional scar tissue, that we have spent most of our conscious lives carefully avoiding, by sweeping them under the carpet; creating clever coping mechanisms to show to everyone else that everything is fine; or possibly even achieving incredible feats of success to mask the petrifying fear in our self that those innermost needs may not be met.

However, we soon reach the point when achieving these great external successes, rather than feeling excited, exhilarated, energised, leave us tired, empty and meaningless.
Believe you me, at whatever level you wish to operate, while ever we pretend these hidden aspirations don’t even exist; while ever we sweep them under the carpet, paper over the cracks of surprises stored in our unconscious and subconscious, and refuse to let them out, then all our life objectives – however large, however small, will be disconnected, dislocated and indeed, disastrous.
Conversely if we make the conscious choice to open up the power of our subconscious, unconscious, the real power of our inner self, then for sure we will break free from these feelings of frustration, shake off the shackles of powerlessness, manifest what we want and deserve, to lead a balanced, fulfilled and happy life.

From my experience, before we start planning transformation and next steps we need to use proven techniques to:

  • See the true flaws in the operations of the brain works and how to overcome them:
  • See the true flaws in the operations of the brain works and how to overcome them
  • Unlock the hidden secrets of the unconscious and subconscious minds and how to power them along side us
  • Understand the mind patterns we are tightly holding to since childhood that are truly holding us back
  • Gain full clarity on our real needs and genuine goals
  • Competently communicate those real needs to self and others
  • Accountability to make sure the outcomes cannot fail
  • Recharge our mind, body and souls, making our hearts truly sing

Through these kinds of interventions, we can start the process of opening our subconscious, unconscious minds, open up our inner selves, take risks, expose the parts we fear and feel loathed to share, and with that, create entirely new, balanced, synchronised and harmonised life foundations, from which we can grow, flourish and be happy.

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