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Resilience in times of a global crisis

In 2020, as the Corona Crisis engulfed us, I created these materials to help individuals and organisations navigate the unusual times we’ve all faced. I released my book ‘Combat the Corona Crisis’ at the beginning of April 2020 and received applause from many quarters for being quick to respond and support. Now we are well into 2021 yet much of that content is still extremely relevant as many of us still face concerns over our physical health, our mental well-being and our financial situation.  One of the great positives of Corona has been the propulsion of mental health issues to regular front page news, increasing awareness of issues that have existed for a long time. If there is anything further me and my team can do to support you, your families, communities and teams during this instability, please contact us directly.
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  Covid impact on physical, mental and financial health

  The benefits of RYR in times of crises

  Key tips for resilient leadership

  The ways to stay resilient during self isolation

  How to reduce financial stress

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  Be better prepared to face uncertainty

  Overcome Corona impact 

  Deal with adversity, bounce back and stay strong

  Build leadership resilience

  Protect your business and people

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